This is a sampling of some of the different kinds of projects that I've been working on. My professional skills include: GUI design, concept design, front end programming, project management, interface and interaction design, animation and technical solutions for physical art installations.,

I’ve just registered and set up the domain for my doctoral research website.

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Suomen Kardiologiset Hoitajat,

Website design for the Finnish Association for Cardiac Nurses.

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Vintage Galleria,

Graphic identity, web design and web development for a vintage furniture store based in Helsinki.

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CheckLikes is an iPhone Air application that can be used to get Facebook data about any URL address through a FQL http query.

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Unperformed – Installation / Performance tool,

We developed this experimental tool in Crucible Studio for controlling multiple projection screens. The system was developed for an opera set design.

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At Hand,

Heidi Tikka’s At Hand is an interactive piece designed for touch screens in public space. The project is about urban gestures, micro spaces of the street and the possibility of encountering otherness.

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UU Motion graphics,

Two intro animations for the UU campaign I made while working at Bolder. The animations are made with Flash.

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Alan01 and AlanOnline,

This project is part of my work at Crucible Studio. Alan01 is an installation based on the life of Alan Turing. The installation was created in co-operation with Jaakko Pesonen and Merja Nieminen.

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Crucible Studio,

In Media Centre Lume and Media Lab, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Crucible Studio studies and develops narration of the digital, non-linear and interactive media.

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Finnish Architecture game,

The Finnish architecture game was produced by Crasman for the The Museum of Finnish architecture. The textual content and photographs were provided by the staff of the museum.

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Trendi Oy is a privately owned, independent and growing service company specialised in new construction and rebuilding.

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Pehmeä paketti – Unicef,

Pehmeä paketti (that’s Finnish for soft package) is the online donation service of Finnish Unicef.

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Domin Rental Apartments,

Domin Rental is a company that provides rental apartments located in central Helsinki. This is a project I made while working for Crasman in the summer 2008. I designed a new graphic layout for the pre-existing company website.

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Mobile instrument with motion tracking,

As a part of rapid mobile application workshop, our group made this “Pocket Toshi” instrument. It uses the N95 phones accelerometer to move the ball on the screen. When the ball hits the keys on the side of the screen, the application plays the corresponding sound.

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Kultajyvä is a competition for Finnish print advertisement. It is organized annually by the Finnish marketing association. It was organized for the first time in 1966.

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Fun & Games,

This is actually from a few years back, but I ran into the game files and thought it would be fun to have online. It’s a small Flash game I made while working for Crasman. Must have been around 2006-2007.

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Old school action,

The Pedestrian was my final work for the BA degree I finished in the end of 2005. Special thanks to Richard Lapington, who made the sound design.

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A blast from the past,

This is an experimental piece of work from the fall of 2004. I was an exchange student at VSUP in Prague. I spent four months at the animation department. And among other things tried traditional animation techniques.

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